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Do You Have $10,000 or More In Unsecured Credit Card or Personal Loans? 

Our Law firm can significantly lower your debt.

A Credit Card Debt Settlement Program is often referred to as debt negotiation, debt reduction, debt resolution or simply, debt relief. It's a form of credit card debt relief that reduces the principal balance on your credit card debt by negotiating with your credit card companies. Once your credit card debt is negotiated, the creditor will send a debt settlement letter indicating that the debt has been reduced and considered settle once the renegotiated payment is made. Those enrolled in a credit card debt settlement program that make all of their program payments are usually able to save a considerable amount. Not only can you save off the principal balance, but the amount of time it takes to pay off your debt is dramatically reduced.

Making Smart Choices

If you are struggling to pay your bills and feel like you are overwhelmed by debt, you are not alone. There are millions of others just like you that a struggling with making ends meet. For many people, having a debt relief program is the answer for regaining control of their finances and getting their life back on track.

We can help you create a structured plan that will reduce your unsecured debts and help you learn to make smart financial choices that will guide you in the right direction.

Debt Relief Law Firm

Our Services

We can stop annoying calls and harassment from bill collectors and creditors and help you and your family get a fresh start!

Free No-Cost Consultation

Find out quickly if you qualify for debt relief assistance from our law firm and if it is a good fit for you.
We have an expert team experienced in helping clients get relief.

Assurance of dealing with a Law Firm

You will be dealing directly with a law firm that is experienced and has a long track record in helping consumers in these matters. We are debt relief attorneys who represent people all across the United States who are being threatened with collections and lawsuits, or have been sued, by their Credit Card Company, Bank or Debt Collectors for Debts that have gotten out of control.

Superior Better Business Bureau Rating

Better Business Bureau Accredidation A+.  The BBB brand has stood for trust in the marketplace for 100 years. More than 90% of consumers recognize the BBB logo and what it stands for. 

Follow Through and Customer Service

Individual login and account access. You are able to get information on your accounts 24-7. Customer care is available during business hours.    We have represented consumers in collection cases brought by credit card companies and banks.

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Here are some Example Debt Settlements

Listed below are some of our settlements we have made on behalf of our clients.

AMEX  $   4,578.66 $1,603 35%
AMEX  $      761.64 $305 40%
BARCLAYS  $   6,818.14 $2,046 30%
BARCLAYS  $   3,051.13 $1,068 35%
BELK  $   6,544.59 $1,636.15 25%
BELK  $   3,629.67 $1,089 30%
BOFA  $   2,266.10 $1,020 45%
BOFA  $ 10,407.63 $4,164 40%
CAPITAL ONE  $   1,550.31 $620.12 40%
CAPITAL ONE  $   1,199.03 $487 41%
CAPITAL ONE  $   2,867.66 $1,005 35%
CARE CREDIT  $   3,883.44 $1,166 30%
CHASE  $ 14,213.75 $6,397 45%
CHASE  $   9,817.59 $2,945.71 30%
CHASE  $   8,843.22 $1,769.71 20%
CITIBANK  $ 11,268.90 $3,944.12 35%
CITIBANK  $   3,382.67 $1,114.80 33%
CITIBANK  $ 26,507.78 $7,953 30%
CITIBANK  $   4,761.28 $1,904.51 40%
COMENITY  $   7,953.41 $2,940 37%
COMENITY  $   4,578.96 $1,145 25%
CREDIT ONE  $      854.60 $385 45%
CREDIT ONE  $   2,235.54 $894.21 40%
DISCOVER  $   6,800.42 $2,400.00 35%
DISCOVER  $   1,119.65 $560 50%
GECRB  $   1,937.14 $582 30%
HSBC  $   6,206.09 $2,482.44 40%
JCPENNEYS  $   4,155.73 $1,247 30%
KOHLS  $   1,853.65 $834.12 45%
LOWES  $   2,170.63 $759.72 35%
MACYS  $   1,611.06 $644.42 40%
MERRICK BANK  $   1,457.58 $874.55 60%
NORDSTROM  $   3,822.38 $2,294 60%
SAMS CLUB  $   2,832.92 $850 30%
SEARS  $   1,261.43 $327.97 26%
SYNCHRONY BANK  $   1,844.87 $463 25%
SYNCHRONY BANK  $   5,301.16 $1,591 30%
SYNCHRONY BANK  $   2,012.19 $906 45%
TJX  $   4,140.72 $1,324 32%
TJX  $   2,383.54 $835 35%
US BANK  $   2,404.53 $1,205 50%
US BANK  $   7,873.95 $3,300 42%
USAA  $ 20,881.09 $10,000 48%
USAA  $ 15,363.84 $7,681.92 50%
WALMART  $   1,170.12 $499.00 43%
WALMART  $   2,969.21 $891 30%
WALMART  $   1,218.40 $427 35%
WALMART  $   6,719.48 $2,150 32%
WELLS FARGO  $   5,144.81 $2,315.16 45%
WELLS FARGO  $   8,053.10 $4,831.86 60%
* Note that each individual case is different and these are examples of clients we have actually helped.

No Upfront Costs

LNo Upfront fees if you qualify to enroll in our program.

Security of Law Firm

You will have the security and comfort of dealing with a law firm on your personal financial matters.

One Low Payment

Convert to one low monthly payment that is less than you currently owe.

Reduce Your Debt Significantly
Avoid Bankruptcy

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World-Class Customer Service and Follow-Through on Your Accounts

The primary goal of any service related business is to build a loyal base of customers that are consistently happy with the product and service that the organization is providing. Our law firm is consistently working to make sure clients are communicated with accurately and in a timely manner.

  • High Quality Service
  • No Extra Or Hidden Charge
  • 100% Satisfiction Gurantee
  • Live Representatives during regular business hours
  • Dedicated Customer Support
  • Legal Representation
  • Negotiation on behalf of you, our client
  • 24/7 Online Support
debt relief attorney

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The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)

A debt collector generally is a person or company that regularly collects debts owed to others, usually when those debts are past-due. 


Credit Card Protections

Did you know that your credit card may offer you other protections that are not typically advertised?

Debt Relief Attorney

Credit Card Basics

Learn from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) about managing your credit card account. Topics include refunds, errors, disputes, unauthorized charges, and security.  

Debt Relief Attorney

File a Complaint

For problems with your credit card company, call the number on the back of your card or try to resolve it with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

Making Smart Choices

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